Gas Turbine

OPMI have been appointed sole Australasian agent for MotorSich Gas Turbines. MotorSich is an East European company and has over 60 years experience in the manufacture of gas turbines for the military and domestic generation. MotorSich manufacture mobile units from 1.5MW to 8MW all set up in sound attenuated enclosures.

New Gas Turbines

These units can run on both gas fuel and light liquids such as distillate/diesel. They are fully self sufficient in regards to everything is built in ready to go. Typically these units take up only a fraction of the real estate of other generating packages and the smaller units can be mounted permanently on road trailers where required. These units can be compared to GE units such as LM2500, TM2500 & LM6000 and are a fraction of the price. Industrial reliability is also comparable to the GE frame series from Frame 5, Frame 6, Frame 7 & Frame 9 gas turbines.

OPMI are also capable of supplying new stationary gas turbines from Zorya-Mashproekt Turbines up to 40MW. These units too are derived from Eastern Europe and have similar experience supplying to the military and domestic requirements.

Used and Refurbished Gas Turbines

OPMI also has experience in the supply of redundant gas turbine driven generating sets from 1000kVA through to 200MVA. Our worldwide network of brokers and dealers have a huge range available for immediate purchase. We list everything from used sets to new/unused sets from cancelled projects and the likes. We have available all the common brands like CAT/Solar, GE, Siemens, Avon Rolls Royce, GEC, ABB and etc.

For further information, contact OPMI on +61 (0) 447 805 896.