US Muscle Cars
and Hot Rods

OPMI, USA Muscle Car Imports

During a recent visit to the USA, Mark Cawley, Managing Director of OPMI, decided his interest in USA muscle cars could lead to his interesting hobby being a profitable business. Mark met with Ted Vernon from South Beach Classics as can be seen in his own show on FOX TV. Ted has been selling specialised cars such as Muscle Cars, Hot Rods and Collectable Cars for over 30 years. He keeps in stock in excess of 300 of these highly sought after vehicles at any one time. His standard clientele includes USA movie stars, famous sports stars and the likes.

OPMI struck a deal with Ted and now have his entire stock at our disposal for importation to Australia. OPMI already stocks some of their own vehicles from Ted. Stocks here in Australia include Chev Camaro, Ford Mustang, Pontiac Firebird, Chevelle and many more. OPMI handles the entire importation process from locating the vehicle, loading, shipping, Australian import approvals, Customs clearances and pre delivery servicing.

Contact us at to check out present stock or enquire about a particular make and model you may be looking for. We can supply photos, details and etc and even arrange personal inspections.

For further information, contact OPMI on +61 (0) 447 805 896.