Our personnel have over 20 years experience in the mining electrical field. A clear understanding of the stringent DPI requirements imposed on both the Coal & Shale and the Metaliferous Mining & Tunnelling industries makes us one of your best sources for mining electrical equipment.

OPMI also understands the ever changing uncertainty of the mining game and how this effects their investment and budget requirements to obtain equipment required to produce their sellable commodity. So with budget constraints, safety and reliability in mind OPMI can offer fit for purpose mining electric solutions for your mining operations.


Underground and surface mining operations require large amounts of power to mine and process their product. To facilitate the process most mines use skid mounted substations to deliver the power to the process at the correct voltage and demand. OPMI manufacture skid mounted and enclosed substations superficially for this purpose.

We understand the safety requirements of the equipment used and manufacture substations to comply with these requirements. Any substation from a large unit to supply a dragline to small units for continuous miners to pumps can be built to your specification.

Investments from company stakeholders can be limited in some cases and OPMI can normally tailor a solution that will suit your budget constraints. We can even hire substations where required for emergency breakdowns or even just to get over your temporary production increase.

Either way it is worth contacting us for your substation requirements

Starters and Distribution Equipment

OPMI can manufacture starters and other distribution boards etc for your mining use. OPMI also stocks an inventory of mining boxes and panels that can be modified for your specific needs. These also can be purchased or hired as required.

For further information, contact OPMI on +61 (0) 447 805 896.