OPMI has developed some of the most reliable spare parts for gas engine driven power generation and gas pumping units.

Introducing the OPMI range of generic gas engine spark plugs

OPMI now has available Champion, Bosch and Denso ranges of plugs for gas driven engines. While all 3 major suppliers have been competing for the best possible plug for certain specialised applications, each manufacturer has their own engineering ideas on what is best.

OPMI has identified that these 3 manufacturers had a short fall in each of their range. Bosch did not have a shrouded multi-torch plug, while neither Champion nor Bosch has a plug suitable for Jenbacher J series engines. Denso has a high end priced quality plug, but lacks in a cheaper end plug for the cleaner fuel market with budget constraints.

To this OPMI decided to cover the whole range with their new double Iridium range of generic, price competitive plugs. OPMI has the whole range covered from Jenbacher P3 & P7 style plugs, to the Champion/CAT 284-8313 multi-torch replacement plug. Our range is also used for coal seam and landfill methane gas applications covering the entire range of plugs from small CAT 3400 and small Cummins engines, through to Jenbacher J600 & J300, CAT 3500 & 3600, Cummins QSK & QSV plus the specialised Deutz plugs.

The OPMI range of plugs come in at but a fraction of the price of the big 3 and come with high content double Iridium electrodes for long life applications even in dirty fuel installations such as landfill gasses.

Generator parts

Our parts and accessories include Bosch Industrial Spark Plugs, OPMI Head Gaskets and OPMI Ignition Coil Upgrade Kits. We have secured some of the world's best engine parts design engineers and consigned them to manufacture only the highest quality equipment. The range is specifically aimed at those parts that OEM's original equipment have been of poor life span.

Engines such as Cummins, Waukesha, CAT, Wartsilla, Deutz, MTU, Jenbacher and many others are catered for in our inventory of ignition parts and gasket kits.

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Distribution Equipment parts

OPMI can supply Orion Italia protection relays for use in the transmission and distribution industry. Orion Italia manufacture protection relays for current, voltage, frequency and specialised motor protection as well as sensitive earth leakage relays and fully integrated units.

All built to international standards and utilised extensively throughout Europe. The relays are very user friendly and come with a range of communications' options. Fully digitalised LCD screens makes it easy to access information straight from the front control panel or by computer remotely.

DC protection supply systems including battery packs and chargers.

Metering and control CT & VTs

Transformer spares include integrated transformer protection units, gas relays, bushings, galvanised coolers and gaskets. All of high quality as expected from OPMI.

Amongst our spares also includes the location of hard to obtain spares for older equipment such as switchgear and etc. If you are having trouble trying to find something specific, please do not hesitate to contact us directly with your enquiry.

For further information, contact OPMI on +61 (0) 447 805 896.