OPMI has developed some of the most reliable spare parts for gas engine driven power generation and gas pumping units.

HV equipment repairs and overhauls

OPMI has over 35 years of combined experience in service, maintenance, repairs and testing of both power generation and distribution equipment.

Our workshop and site services cover the range from transformers, HV switchgear, distribution boards, electric motors, generators and the likes. Services include overhauls, repairs, modifications, maintenance, testing and fault location.

Our workshop is well equipped with modern tooling and testing equipment. Typical testing and analysis equipment include.

  • Transformer turns ratio with integrated winding resistance measurements
  • Insulation resistance test sets from 500VDC-5,000VDC
  • OTS auto insulating oil dielectric strength sets
  • Low ohm [Ductor] test sets
  • Leakage metering from micro-amps through to high currents
  • 0-100A current injection test sets for relay calibration from primary and secondary injection
  • 0-20,000VAC and 0-45,000VAC separate source withstand test sets

Complete modification services

OPMI has the ability to modify and or unitise substation equipment into relocatable packages, such as skid mounted substations and containerised distribution centres. High and low voltage switchrooms are a speciality. We manufacture robust, fit for purpose units to our clients requests.

Other simple modifications include transformer cooler replacements, cable boxes, switchboard joggle boxes and any other customising required to your power equipment.

For further information, contact OPMI on +61 (0) 447 805 896.