OPMI has over 35 years of collective experience in the supply of new and used transformers.

Transformer Supply

Our range of transformers start from as small as 16kVA pole mounted units, through to multi-MVA GSU [generator step up transformers]. We cater for both liquid and air cooled units.

Specialised transformers including neutral earthing transformers, generator step up units, auto transformers for motor starting and other customised transformers can be either manufactured or remanufactured from donor units.

We have a worldwide network of brokers and dealers from Europe, USA & Asia, where we can source many used and new cancelled order units from 20MVA to 500MVA and even larger. We have been successful in supplying transformers into Australia for emergency situations and have also shipped redundant transformers out of Australia to other countries for use in overseas projects.

Standard new transformers for distribution within Australia include our standard range of pole mounts from 16kVA through to ground mounts and kiosk enclosed to 2500kVA and 33kV. All built to ISO60076 [Australian Standard].

OPMI also stocks a range of used/refurbished transformers which are overhauled by our own in house workshop. Our final acceptance testing, even of our refurbished transformers, is extensive on completion to allow you to have peace of mind knowing you have purchased a reliable, working unit. Our stock of transformers is also available for long and short term hire where required. Hire units include most standard Australian voltages in both step up and step down configuration.

Transformer Services

OPMI also offers a refurbishment service for customer owned transformers where the same attention to detail and testing is carried out.

We can test your transformers on site to project your unit's expected life span. Our managing director, Mark Cawley has over 20 years of personal experience in dissolved gas analysis fault finding and location in oil filled transformers.

OPMI also operates its own oil filtration units and can filter most insulation oils to reduce moisture and particle content. Oil filter units have on board moisture monitoring for inlet and outlet sources so moisture removal can be monitored and checked for acceptance. On completion the oil can also be tested in our dielectric test set for insulation quality. Further test of course can be carried out separately in our lab to enable a full range of results to be collated where oil and transformer winding condition can then be ascertained.

For further information, contact OPMI on +61 (0) 447 805 896.