Through necessity of innovation OPMI has supplied specialised transmission equipment such as isolators, reclosers, custom insulators and etc. To complement our other products and services, we find many of our clients looking for one place to obtain their equipment, have asked us to locate and supply equipment to complete their installation.

We have taken on supply of power poles to protections relays, HV fuses to cable terminating equipment. This is all so our clients can be assured that the parts supplied will integrate with other equipment supplied and or their own existing equipment.

Concrete Power Poles

OPMI have available Australian designed modular generic power poles within our scope of supply. The poles are in stock where over 100 poles can be on hand at any one time. Vpax poles are one of the only prestressed precast poles available in Australia. Put together with the only pole that has prestressed precast cross arms and you have the most versatile maintenance free pole possibly in the world.

Apart from lengths the generic poles are all manufactured identical and are predrilled ready for immediate site dressing. Dressing takes a fraction of the time due to the generic bore holes and mounts already fitted.

The poles come with an internal butt down earthing conductor. The poles are rot proof, fire proof, vermin proof, rust proof and nil maintenance.

HV Fuses and Accessories

OPMI supply all types of HV fuses from pole mounted drop out fuses to din style indoor fuses. We can also supply the mounting hardware for all types of indoor and outdoor fuse systems. We also supply surge arrestors to suit all normal Australian voltage installations.

For further information, contact OPMI on +61 (0) 447 805 896.