Gas Engine
Power Generation

OPMI have vast experience in the supply of gas engine driven generating sets from 200kVA through to 2MVA.

Introducing the OPMI range of generic gas engine spark plugs

OPMI now has available Champion, Bosch and Denso ranges of plugs for gas driven engines. While all 3 major suppliers have been competing for the best possible plug for certain specialised applications, each manufacturer has their own engineering ideas on what is best.

OPMI has identified that these 3 manufacturers had a short fall in each of their range. Bosch did not have a shrouded multi-torch plug, while neither Champion nor Bosch has a plug suitable for Jenbacher J series engines. Denso has a high end priced quality plug, but lacks in a cheaper end plug for the cleaner fuel market with budget constraints.

To this OPMI decided to cover the whole range with their new double Iridium range of generic, price competitive plugs. OPMI has the whole range covered from Jenbacher P3 & P7 style plugs, to the Champion/CAT 284-8313 multi-torch replacement plug. Our range is also used for coal seam and landfill methane gas applications covering the entire range of plugs from small CAT 3400 and small Cummins engines, through to Jenbacher J600 & J300, CAT 3500 & 3600, Cummins QSK & QSV plus the specialised Deutz plugs.

The OPMI range of plugs come in at but a fraction of the price of the big 3 and come with high content double Iridium electrodes for long life applications even in dirty fuel installations such as landfill gasses.

Gas Engine Power Generation

Our worldwide network of brokers and dealers have a huge range available for immediate purchase. We list everything from used sets to new/unused sets from cancelled projects and the likes. We have available all the common brands like CAT, Cummins, Waukesha, Wartsilla, Jenbacher, Perkins and etc.

We also have on tap new units from our preferred suppliers from Europe/UK. These range from 200kVA to 2000kVA and come complete with package style enclosures. Quality is a must from our preferred suppliers and these units have met our stringent quality requirements to a tee.

Specialist Parts for Gas Engines

Ignition Parts including Spark Plugs and Coils

OPMI are Australasia's largest distributor of Bosch Industrial Engine spark plugs. OPMI, TriPower USA and Bosch Germany have worked together over the last 3 years to develop spark plugs for almost all industrial gas driven engines. The use of specialised alloys derived from Iridium, Platinum etc has now resulted in one of the highest quality, long lasting spark plugs available in the market. With OPMI's assistance Bosch has developed 2 key plugs for the larger engines such as Cummins QSK & QSV, Cat 3500 & 3600 series, Waukesha and etc.

OPMI have also been instrumental in the improved design of ignition coils, HT extensions and leads. OPMI/TriPower branded coils are now available as a retrofit kit for most gas engines and in most cases our kits are a fraction of the OEM's prices and life cycles are normally improved by many times. Together with our partners TriPower we export to the world market to such places as North Africa, The Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Americas both North & South.

Head Gaskets

OPMI have recently consigned a design engineer from the USA to manufacture head gasket kits for all common brands of gas engines. The OPMI branded gaskets have been trialled in the USA with industry leaders and experts stating "the quality is outstanding" and that "the gaskets are the best they have come across". The range will be expanded throughout the year to cover all known brands where OEM parts are either cost prohibitive or are failing premature to engine owner's expectations.

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For further information, contact OPMI on +61 (0) 447 805 896.